5 Moments Palestinians Proved They Will Never Be Defeated

We know about Israel-Palestine conflict and how Israel has captured the severing state of Palestine. If you read the history of Israel, you will get to know how they slowly but gradually occupied the Palestine from Muslims.

If you read the history of Palestine, you get to know that the Muslims were living in this region for many centuries. Jews started migrating to Palestine not showing their intention that they want to occupy the land of Muslims.

This is the reason, many countries have Boycotted Israel and they don’t have any kind of diplomatic relations with them. There are some countries who don’t even accept the existence of Israel as a separate state.

People of Palestine have been fighting for their independence against the strong Jews lobby, the powerful western media and on the back of all, the United States of America but nothing could shake their courage. They are still standing firm on their footing opposing the illegitimate occupation of Palestine by Israel.

These pictures show the bravery, courage, and resolve of the Palestinian people and no matter how many are killed, they will never be defeated.

1-When this Palestinian kid faced a tank with a stone in his hand. You need to have a heart of a lion or perhaps a heart of the steel to do it. We have seen how cruel the Israel Army is, they don’t wait for a moment to open a direct fire. But this child? He is a Palestinian, a true Jihadi.

2-When their Mosque was bombed by the Israel Airforce. It didn’t stop them from praying in the Mosque. They didn’t leave to pray in the mosque for the threat of their lives. Why would they? Many of them have lifted the dead bodies of their real brothers and sisters on their shoulders. Perhaps living alive is of secondary importance for many of them.


3-It was firing in the surrounding. Bullet here, bullet there, bullets everywhere. This 14 years old boy was down on the road, having lost his senses, he didn’t know how to react. A woman not caring about her life and considering him like her son ran towards him, hold him back and took him to the safe place.


Israel, you are facing the daughters of Palestine with this level of courage, you can kill them, you cannot win them. You have killed so many of their sons, brothers, sisters, and daughters that their hearts are now rocks. They don’t have a liver but stones.

4-They bombed their house, killed many of their family members. But still, these kids built a sea-saw out of the rubble and refused to have their children taken away. How would you threaten them when they grow up?

5-And when this girl recovered books from her bombed home. She will still study, perhaps will become an engineer someday and build her house again so that you can bomb it again. You can kill her, but she will not surrender. She is Palestine, she is a Jihadi, she is Islam.

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