5 Mistakes you should avoid during driving test for the Saudi Driving License

In Saudi Arabia, there are strict traffic laws. You need to get a driving license to drive a car. If you don’t have a license, it is better to not take out your vehicle as you probably will end up with a heavy fine.

Obtaining a driving license in Saudi Arabia is tough. People fail the driving test badly due to the following silly mistakes. The people taking a driving test do get seriously nervous.

Believe me, there are many confident people who just get nervous and fail the test. And the dream of obtaining the license remains a dream!

It is not that the test is difficult or the examiners are very harsh or so, yet it is just that people get nervous as other people are examining their driving skills!

1-Most of the candidates want to impress the examiners. They start this by taking too long to adjust the mirrors! Well, this act does not make them feel that you are a good driver who is really concerned about the mirrors.

Rather it gives the impression that you are nervous and not ready to get a license! Swiftly adjust the mirrors and start the drive confidently!

2-Never stop where it is not needed. Drivers often stop as they look up at a passenger who is willing to cross the road. Yet what they forget is that there are cars behind them and sudden stopping might end up in a bad accident.

Never stop suddenly, always check your rear mirrors and then decide to stop for a passenger or car so it can pass by.

3-What many drivers forget is that it is not only their test day. There are other candidates as well. There is a turn wise test. So when Two to three drivers have to take a test in a single car problem arise.

When the first candidate is done with the test and it is the turn of the second one, the second candidate needs to be patient. He must wait for others to get settled.

The second candidate often rushes, he adjusts the mirrors and seat and starts off without being concerned rather the previous driver has settled or not.

4-Change your lanes carefully while taking a driving test. Make sure that the lane you want to switch it is clear. If the examiner asks to change the lane, do not increase and decrease speed to impress him and do not abruptly shift the lanes.

Check for the lane to be vacant and then confidently swipe your lane. Changing lane is critical and often leads to test failure! Only change lanes when required and is safe.

5-Always remember to follow examiner’s instruction. Your examiner knows better and is aware of the rules and regulations. If he asks you to complete a task, you shall do it right away.

Remember the examiner may ask you to carry out a step which might be unlawful, yet necessary. For instance, he might ask you to apply emergency brakes or park in front of a gate.

You can always tell that it is against law, but do not argue! He knows about laws and prioritizes the safety!

Also, remember not to press the accelerator when not needed (when the car is neutral). It would lead a test failure. Hope these tips would be useful to you! Hope you get you driving license by passing the test! 

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.