How to find qibla direction?

Muslims all around the world pray to face the Holy Kaaba. If you are in a new location, you can use one of the following techniques to find the exact qibla direction.

Method 1: Using Sun

For centuries and the stone age, when there were no maps or compass, people used to follow the sun’s direction and the shadows, similarly keeping a track of where the sun rises and sets will give you an idea about the location or qibla direction.

Find Qibla Direction using Sun

Method 2: Making Sundial

On a leveled surface (ground) place a vertical stick or object before noon which should be about 1 meter high. Locate the shadow’s tip and mark that point. Consider the shadow length as radius; make a complete circle around that stick.

As the day passes the shadow will reduce in size. As more time passes it again increases in size touching the circle once again. Mark that points on the circle and joins the two marks with a line. The first mark is the West and the second one is east. The perpendicular line to it is the north-south direction.

Find Qibla Direction using Sundial

Method 3: Find qibla using a compass

This method doesn’t locate the qibla exactly but gives a far better idea about the direction if you know your position in relation to Makkah.

Find and use a Qibla compass then locate your direction by placing it on a flat surface and using its dial hand to settle in a direction.

Find Qibla Direction using compass

Method 4: Modern Technology

There are numerous iPhone, Android, and iPad apps that help you find the Qibla direction very easily such as Athan app. It is helpful for anyone and everyone across the whole wide world.

Method 5: Visiting a Mosque

Visiting a nearby mosque and seeing the rows there will also help you locate Qibla in the proper direction. When moving to an unknown location, do make sure about your position and use these methods to find Qibla.

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