5 medical officials test positive for coronavirus in Riyadh

The Saudi Ministry of Health has announced that 5 medical officials from a hospital in Riyadh have got infected with the coronavirus.

The medical officials who were tested positive with coronavirus had been in continuous contact with other coronavirus patients who arrived a week ago from a coronavirus unnamed hotspot country. The hospital said the patients are in stable condition

On Thursday, the King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre of Saudi Arabia’s capital city Riyadh reported that one of its staff members is also a victim of the novel coronavirus.

The hospital reported that the COVID-19 positive patient had been in contact with a domestic worker who had hailed from a country (kept unnamed) which had an outbreak of corona.

The hospital also added that the patient is in stable condition, the medical checkups are being followed and all those in contact with her are being checked for the Coronavirus.

So far, all the people checked, who has been in contact with her, for the COVID-19 have shown negative tests.

The patient is among the cases that have been reported by the health ministry in their official statements.

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