5 Facts about Alabaster of the Holy Kaaba

You might have noticed EIGHT pieces of alabaster on the right side of the door of the Holy Kaaba upon a drainage cover. Do you know, around 200 years ago, these marbles were stolen?

  1. Rare type of Marble

It is one of the rarest types of marble in the world known as “Mary Stone,” distinguished by a yellowish-brown color, and it is said to be 800 years old.

  1. It was gifted to the grand mosque in 631

The Caliph Abu Jafar Al Mansur gifted these alabaster marble pieces when he re-established the circumambulation terrace of the Grand Mosque in the Hijri year 631. The date was recorded under a blue-colored stone below one of the rare pieces of marble.

The details were explained to Al Arabiya by Mohi Eddine Al Hashemi, an investigator in the Management of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

  1. The Size of Alabaster

The biggest piece is 33 cm in length and 21 cm in width. The pieces are attractive and show interesting dedication.

  1. Prophet Muhammad was taught by Jibrail

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said that Jibrail عليه السلام led me in prayer in Masjid al-Haram.

  • He prayed the ظهر prayer with me when the sun had passed the meridian to the extent of the thong of a sandal.
  • He prayed the العصر prayer with me when the shadow of everything was as long as itself.
  • He prayed the المغرب prayer with me when one who is fasting breaks the fast.
  • He prayed the العشاء prayer with me when the twilight had ended.
  • He prayed the الفجر prayer with me when food and drink become forbidden to one who is keeping the fast.
  • Sunan Abi Dawud 393.

The place where Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was taught is shown with red dots below.

  1. They were stolen 164 years

In 1213 (Hijri), the marble was stolen. They were later found near a dead body of a man. They were put back to their original spot in 1377 (Hijri). 

Source: Saudi Gazette

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