5 facts about Hazrat Maymoonah R.A and her grave

Hazrat Maymoonah R.A was the wife of Prophet (PBUH) and regarded as one of the mothers of believers. She is mentioned to be the last wife of the Prophet (PBUH) at several places.

All the wives of Prophet (PBUH) had an outstanding character and personality and Hazrat Maymoonah was no exception to this fact. Here are some facts about the life of Hazrat Maymoonah R.A.  Recommended: The details of 11 Wives of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

  1. The name of Hazrat Maymoona R.A was “Barrah”

She was the daughter of Harith-bin-Hazan and her original name was ‘Barrah’ however, the Holy Prophet called her Maymoona which meant “The Blessed one” as this was the first time in many years that He was finally able to visit his Home Town of Makkah.

  1. Hazrat Maymoonah R.A proposed marriage to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

As a part of the signing of the treaty of Hudaibiyah, The Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to the city of Makkah to perform Umrah.

It is over there that Hazrat Maymoona R.A proposed marriage to the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) which he accepted. Maymoona was also the sister in law of Hazrat Abbas (may Allah be pleased) who was a devout and longtime supporter of the Holy Prophet from the early days of Prophethood.

  1. Hazrat Maymoonah R.A had married twice before this marriage

Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. was married twice before she got married to Prophet (PBUH). Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. was recently widowed when she married the Prophet (PBUH) at a place called Sarif while he was on his way for Umrah.

The Prophet (PBUH) intended to live with her in Makkah after performing Umrah but the problems with Quraish had not been resolved at that time and hence they did not let the Prophet (PBUH) stay in Makkah.

Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. led a responsible life as the wife of the Prophet (PBUH) and did not give up in the hardest of times. She was aged 81 when died a natural death and was buried at the same place where she had met, married and lived with the Prophet (PBUH).

Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. grave is located in a structure on Hijrah Road, 20 km from Makkah. It is in a locality named Sarif.

  1. She was the most mindful among the wives of Prophet Muhammad

The character of Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. can be outlined by Hazrat Aisha’s (may Allah be pleased with her) statement about her which says that Maymoonah was the most pious, and the most mindful of her family and relatives, among the Prophet’s wives.

  1. Hazrat Maymoonah R.A used to do Miswak

Yazid-bin-Asam relates that Hazrat Maymoonah R.A. was either engaged in prayer or household work. If she was doing none she was busy in Miswak. This shows that she was a person who loved her religion as well as cleanliness.

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