3 executed for killing a security officer

In 2015, a security officer named Majid Ayez Al-Ghamdi was brutally murdered by 5 terrorists. They shot the young security officer dead and later burned his dead body.

The police could arrest 5 men involved in the heinous act within 48 hours. The legal proceedings started against them.

The Ministry of Interior has now stated that the 3 main criminals involved in this crime named, Abdul Malik, Muhammad bin Khalid, and Muhammad bin Abdul Rahman have been executed.

What happened back in 2015?

5 terrorists came out on that night from the residence of Al-Baadi, Al-Asimi, and Al-Tawarish Al-Asimi. They then stopped at a petrol pump and bought snacks and diesel from there. They then went to their location and shot the innocent security officer Majid al-Ghamdi who was on duty!

They burned his body

Al-Ghamdi was shot alternatively by these 5 men. They had used 10 bullets in total to kill him.

Later, Al Tawarish was the one who poured diesel on the dead body and put it on fire. After this, two of these criminals had the heart to attend a wedding.

The arrest

The police took immediate action against the murderers of the security official. All five men involved in the brutal murder were arrested within 48 hours of the crime.

The police were able to take in custody a Kalashnikov machine gun, the very one which was used for the murder. Two other machine guns were also seized, along with 14 magazines, 5 rifles, 9 pistols, 230 kg of aluminum nitrate, and potassium nitrate.

Unsurprisingly they were also having multiple pamphlets on how to make explosives and fatwas on secession from the state.

Source: Al Arabiya

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