5 cute things Saudi husbands do to control their wives

Being a partner does require men to be protective and caring, however, what Saudi men do not understand is that there is a small line between being protective and over-controlling.

Unfortunately, most of the men do not hesitate in crossing that line. Saudi men are more than being protective. Rather than feeling secure with them, a woman ends up being insecure with them.

Here we are not talking about all the Saudi men of course. Yet these are some of the qualities of a Saudi partner/ boyfriend that indicate that the man is over-controlling. One shall look out for these qualities and shall be aware of such men!

1-Telling you what to wear: Policing your outfit is not the job of men. Men should not be concerned about what you wear and how you wear. They shall not tell you that “you are wearing revealing clothes”. A woman has eyes and a mirror to know that.

He might, at first try to sound cool by saying that you look perfect, yet you shall change it for your own benefit.  Men know the dressing and fashion sense of a woman before getting involved with her, but as he gets in-secured he tries out such tactics.

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2-Not letting you work: When you are a working woman, first they will all acknowledge you. But as soon as you get married, they will tell you to take a break rather than telling you that you shall do whatever you like to. 

Then slowly and gradually they will say that you shall not work that hard and take a rest as “I am here for all your needs”. Then they will challenge your job for the sake of honor and finally blame you for neglecting the house and your ultimate responsibility: the man.

3-Excessive jealousy: Some Saudi men are excessively jealous so much so that they are ready to punch every single eye looking at you. You might feel this cute and protective, but this is an indication of un-called jealousy.

Such men tend to be over-protective and always after you. They would inquire about every single moment of yours when you were alone and would always have control issues.

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4-Deciding your friends: Most Saudi partners would go out telling you how many friends you should have and whom you should now be friends with. After getting into a relationship with a Saudi man, you are expected to limit your male-friends circle.

Some men are so overprotective that they would tell you to leave certain girl-friends of yours by saying that they don’t seem to have a “good influence on you” or they did not “appeal them”.

5-All your free time is his: Once in a relationship, it is expected that all your free time is his. You are now not to spend your free time with anyone else but them. They will never say it directly but would make you feel guilty for spending time with someone else and not him.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.