6 countries that are impossible to conquer

In the past, states were conquered by other countries after prolonged wars and fights. However, here are five countries that are impossible to conquer;


Without a doubt, the USA, the superpower, is impossible to conquer by any state today. Not only is it economically strong, but it also has a huge army. The superpower also enjoys a great geographical location where it is isolated from its enemies.

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Russians spend luxuriously on their defense and military. It has been able to develop a strong military. It is a cold country with shivering winters, making it difficult to attack.

During WW2, Nazis were almost frozen to death when the weather changed from summer to winter. The country is huge and has a great defensive system.

5364 5 countries that are impossible to conquer 02


Its defense, military, and natural mountainous border help it become the ultimate sovereign near to an impossible conquerable state. Moreover, the country is leaving behind every other country in the trade war.

They have the world’s highest foreign currency and gold reserves, which is even strengthening their defense.

5364 5 countries that are impossible to conquer 03


A landlocked state that has a good army is always impossible to conquer. The non-availability of the sea makes it impossible for troops of enemies to land in the country. Switzerland worked on its defense when the entire world was busy in WW2.

5364 5 countries that are impossible to conquer 04


Three superpowers have tried their best to conquer it yet failed miserably;

  • Great Britan.
  • Russia.
  • The USA.

Saudi Arabia

In addition to having a very strong and state-of-the-art defense system, the Saudi leadership has improved its relationships with every country that could threaten its existence, including Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and Turkey.

Moreover, the entire Muslim world would stand up when someone tries to attack Saudi Arabia, as they have the holy lands of Makkah and Madina, making it impossible to conquer this country.

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