5 reasons for Saudi Family Visit Visa Rejection

There are some common reasons for the rejection of family visit visa in Saudi Arabia which are explained below;

Insufficient Iqama Validity

The applicant must be having at least 3 months validity of Iqama at the time of applying for the Family Visit Visa.

Wrongly filled application

Your application must be filled with due care and take into account the instructions given in this link. For example, the reason for the rejection of the following family visit visa is entering a wrong visa number.

saudi visa rejection reasons

Wrong Chamber of Commerce

Another common reason for the rejection of family visit visa in Saudi Arabia is submitting the visit visa to a different chamber of commerce than the address عنوان written in the visa application.

saudi visa rejection reasons

Hajj Season

Here hajj season pertains to anytime between 1st of Ramadan until 1st of Safar. If you want to apply for a family visit visa for your loved ones, make sure you do it before the start of the month of Ramadan. Applying during hajj season is one of the common reasons for Saudi family visit visa rejection.

Relationship with the Applicant

There are some relations listed on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs who can get a family visit visa. These relations are;

  1. Wife/Husband.
  2. Children.
  3. Parents.
  4. Parents-in-Law.
  5. Brother and his family (wife and children).
  6. Sister and her family (husband and children).
  7. Sister-in-Law (sister of the spouse). 
  8. Brother-in-Law (brother of the spouse). 
  9. Grand Parents.

Another important reason for the Saudi Family Visit Visa Rejection is that people apply for a visa for relations other than this. If you apply for a family visit visa for any other relative, it is likely to be rejected.

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