6 Types of Expatriates living in Saudi Arabia

There are 5 types of expatriates living in Saudi Arabia whether they are having Arab backgrounds or other nationals. Some of the people stay there for long period, settled their families there so they consider Saudi Arabia as their homeland.

You might have met some expats who are complaining about everything in the country and some other who don’t seem to have any issue. There are actually 5 classes of expats living in Saudi Arabia.

1-Employees of Owners: The first group represents the employees of owners of simple businesses. They are being supported by some persons. This category includes drivers, guards, farmers, and domestic or local workers.

According to unofficial figures and data, the number of this category of people is over a million and a half. These residents are receiving appropriate earnings and wages. The number of Asians among these people is almost 75 percent.

They are often seen complaining as employers don’t care much about the Rights of Domestic Workers in Saudi Arabia.

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2-Mechanics, technician, plumbing, construction work, and hairstylists are classified as the second group of people. This is the most common type of category which consists of a majority of inhabitants. The estimate shows that there are 3.5 million of such residents and they are making a respectable amount of money.

According to financial statistics, they earn almost 10,000 riyals per month. The majority of the people in this category are those who have gained experience and skills from Saudi Arabia. They live on a free visa and work as a freelancer.

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3-Employees of small-sized businesses: The 3rd category of employees are those who are employees of small-sized businesses. They normally work as a tailor, shelf keeper in the stores, operator at the petrol pump, workers in the small factories etc.

These employees suffer a lot as the smaller business are less likely to comply with the rules and regulations. Their salaries get delayed and many Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law in this category are violated.

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04-Expatriates born and brought up in Saudi Arabia: Expatriates who are born and brought up in Saudi Arabia come under this category. They have always treated Saudi Arabia as their home so never thought of going back from here.

Most of them have not worked on the backup plan, they don’t have much savings back home as Saudi Arabia has been their home. The majority of people who represent this group are Palestinians who are about 400,000 in number, then comes Yemenis who lived in Saudi Arabia and consider it as their homeland.

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5-Employees working in the Private Sector: The next group of people are doctors, engineers, and accountants who work in the private sector. Most of them are well-educated and qualified. They choose to stay on a temporary basis and will return to their home countries at last.

They earn well and you will rarely find them complaining about the salaries and other issues. They get all the rights available to the expatriates in Saudi Arabia. The only concern for them would be job security.

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6-Professionals working in the Public Sector: The professionals working in the public sector have enjoyed lucrative benefits over a long period of time. However, as we know that Saudi Arabia is working on a plan to replace expatriates with Saudi Workers by 2020, they are facing a job threat.

These employees are paid well, given all the Rights of Employees under Saudi Labor Law and always get salaries on time. The biggest concern for them these days is the job security. However, they are not much bothered by it. They know that even if they go back to their home country, they will get a reasonable job.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.