5 Cheap Hotels in Riyadh for Budget Travellers

Travellers who wish to stick to their budget when travelling to Riyadh for business or leisure are spoiled with a wealth of options. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 cheap hotels in Riyadh that don’t compromise on style and quality, ensuring that each traveller will get a good night’s rest and experience during the stay.

Almakan Hotel 105

At SAR163 per night, this hotel would be our most affordable suggestion. The Alaskan Hotel 105’s facilities, which include an indoor pool and additional extras like free wireless Internet access and a banquet centre, are available to patrons. 

The hotel is close to popular tourist attractions including the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, King Abdulaziz Historical Center, King Abdullah Park, Al Musmak Fortress, Riyadh Zoo, and many more. The hotel’s proximity to the Riyadh Avenue mall also gives guests the opportunity to shop and pick up any necessary items.

Boudl Al Fayhaa

The Boudl Al Fauyhaa hotel, which is also in the centre of Riyadh, has a large, wide lounge where guests may unwind and enjoy a complimentary newspaper. Additionally, it boasts an outdoor pool that looks absolutely lovely at night. You can enjoy the amenities the hotel offered for only SAR240 per night.

As the hotel features a kids’ area to keep them occupied, this property is also perfect for a family vacation.

Al Joon Aparthotel

Al Joon Aparthotel combines a hotel and an apartment, as the name implies. The hotel offers its visitors a tasteful, aesthetically pleasing theme. For SAR288 per night, you can enjoy the private tub in the bedroom.

The Granada Center, Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, and King Fahd Stadium are all within six miles of Al Joon Aparthotel.

Al Diafah Hotel Suites

The Al Diafah Hotel Suites offers a full-service spa where guests may unwind. Tourists with families will definitely enjoy the indoor pool as well. The kitchen set is also quite helpful for travellers who genuinely want to save money by preparing their own meals. The rooms are available for just SAR229.

In addition to the famous landmarks nearby, the Al Diafah Hotel Suites is within a 5-minute drive of the Ministry of Interior and King Fahad National Library.

Taleen AlQuds 2 Hotel Apartments

The lounge room’s diminutive appearance can lead visitors to believe that this hotel is less opulent than others. But once you enter the bedroom, you’ll discover a roomy space with conveniences that include minibar and LCD television. Additionally, you may stay connected with free wireless Internet access and pass the time by watching satellite TV. Travellers can enjoy the amenities provided by the hotel for only SAR256.

The nearest landmarks from the hotel are Al Hamra Mall for 1.3 miles, Shuhada Park for 2.5 mi and Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center for 3 miles.

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