Top 5 Best Museums in Riyadh

If you want to study the history of the Saudi Arabia region, the museums in Riyadh will prove to be the best school for you. Riyadh is not only a city of lights but also has numerous museums that present rich Arab culture and history to visitors.

Al-Masmak Historical Museum

Al-Masmak Historical Museum displays articles in order to present the history of Riyadh. It has shown significant events that occurred in the evolution of Riyadh during the past few hundred years. The visiting hours of the museum are given as follows;

Al-Masmak Historical Museum in Riyadh

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National Museum in Riyadh

This Riyadh museum presents the Saudi traditional style and different architectural designs during different phases of the revolution of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Unification War. It is a kind of hotspot for tourists wide range of attractions available.

Visitors understand and learn a lot about the culture of Saudi Arabia by visiting the National Museum in Riyadh. 

National Museum in Riyadh

Museum of Currencies

The Museum of currencies exhibits currencies of different eras from pre-Islamic to modern. Different Gold currencies and other valuable notes are also displayed in museums related to different royal eras in Saudi Arabia. 

Museum of Currencies

Royal Saudi Airforce Museum

This museum belongs to the Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) and shows historical events related to the air force.  The location and visiting hours of the museum are given as follows

Royal Saudi Airforce Museum in Riyadh

Antiquities Museum

Antiquities Museum in Riyadh is famous for its historical dimensions which help in exploring different fields and departments of King Saud University. This museum is owned by university management.

It has a number of unique articles inside including writings, pottery ware, inscriptions, and porcelain. The location and contact numbers and visiting hours of the museum are given as follows

Antiquities Museum

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