5 Best Cities to work as an Expatriate in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has offered diverse working opportunities for expats from different Asian and Middle East countries. The country has offered specific legal rights for expatriates and they are facilitated with all comforts as are available for natives in Kingdom. Sometimes the jobs offered to them while bringing them in Saudi Arabia are different in nature or even regarding working conditions.

Some cities of Saudi Arabia are best as compare to other ones for expats to carry out their professional activities as they belong to a different culture, thus find it a bit difficult to get adjusted to the environment of Kingdom. Some of the cities of Saudi Arabia which are best for expats to find jobs and best living areas are;[irp]

Jeddah: Jeddah is one of the best cities of Saudi Arabia for residence especially for expatriates. It has thousands of foreigner residents which feel comfortable with other expats.

Due to the diversity of culture and presence of people from different culture, you may find people of different interest and profession. Jeddah has a coast and offers private beaches to visitors. Beaches are not open for public; still, you can enjoy private visits at different beaches.

Dammam: Dammam is not as wide and large as Jeddah; still it is the best residence city for foreigners in Kingdom. It has all facilities which a modern city can offer. Moreover, it is also a coastal city which makes it adventurous for expats.

It is calm and peaceful unlike other big cities and residence is also cheaper comparatively. The best advantage for natives of Dammam is ARAMCO which is a compound full of expats and foreigners.

The compounds have western facilities and offer ease of communication for foreigners as they meet people of their own ethnic and culture there.

Riyadh: Riyadh is not coastal city still it has all amenities like big and modern cities. It has best residential areas, diversified markets, and wide job opportunities. Although sandstorms are to be countered more often which may cause sinus issues and allergy problems.

Traffic is not duly regulated due to a huge population and religious police are very active. Still, Riyadh is one of the most facilitated cities of Saudi Arabia.

Madina: For lovers of Arabian Lore Madina is the best place to stay. It has wide teaching job opportunities and offers wide exploration for religion lovers. The city is suitable for religious and mature persons. If you are a fun and thrill lover, it is not for you.

Makkah: Makkah being the holiest city of Muslims has a special significance for Muslim expats. The city is expensive but rich in culture. People from diversified cultures and areas come there and seek jobs.

Due to different communities residing there, it offers wide space for expats to get adjusted to jobs and residential compounds. The city has modern living facilities and one of the main points of attention in Makkah is the tallest clock tower which is near Masjid Al Haram.

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.