5 Tourist Places and Attractions to visit in Al Baha

Al Baha is a beautiful city with pleasant weather and many tourist places and attractions to visit including Baljurashi and Kharrara waterfall which promotes the tourism of the city.

The city of Al Baha is of great political importance as well along with many tourist attractions and places to visit. The governors headquarter resides here. Many branches of government departments are also located here. Some local council has been placed in the city as well.

  1. The Raghadan forest

Al Baha is surrounded by more than 40 forests and the most special being The Raghadan forest which is a must-visit tourist place and attraction. The forest spreads over 600,000 square meters.

It is only 5 kilometers away from the city of Al Baha. Pack your and your kids’ stuff to visit it. Moreover, the kids would really enjoy at the playground and a little Zoo there! Raghadan Forest allows you to view the famous 28 tunnels of Al Baha as well.

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  1. Baljurashi

Bajjurashi is another amazing attraction and a tourist place to visit in the city of Al Baha. This beauty is located in the Sarah Mountains. It lies on the road that connects Taif with Abha. It is a great piece of land, a beautiful city of southern Saudi Arabia. 

Once you go there, you won’t believe that you are still on the land of Saudi Arabia. Baljurashi is a unique tourist place and attraction to visit in Al Baha that possesses 1001 watchtowers!

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  1. Thee Ain Heritage Marble Village

The greatest place and attraction to visit in Al Baha is just 24 km away from the city. It is famously known as the marble village as it is located on a marble mountain.

The residents claim the village tends to glow and shine when the sunset occurs. Not only can this excite you, but also a stream passes nearby which has nourished lush palm trees. It is also known as Aqbat King Fahad. So why miss the chance of experiencing the great view of nature.

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/WAsUVEK5ffT7Ba7A8

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  1. The Al Kharrara waterfall

There is a waterfall in Al Baha which is called Al Kharrara waterfall and it is a must-visit place and tourist attraction.  Al Kharrara waterfall is just 30 only kilometers away from Al Baha.

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/bdUopGoP3tU7MT7t5

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  1. Al Baha museum

This museum is full of things that one is amazed to see. Not only it exhibits woods, clothes, utensils, jewelry, tools of farmers, pottery, stones but also it is rich in those pictures that depict the pre-Islamic era. Your visit to the city of Al Baha would not complete without visiting this amazing attraction.

Map Location: https://goo.gl/maps/gNgu2FNumepuSzPA6

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