4 Wives of a Saudi Man divorced him through court

A Saudi man has been divorced by his four wives over three years. He would marry a woman every time and create the occurrences so she could divorce him.

Why does he do it?

According to Islamic law, when a Muslim woman forcefully seeks a divorce from her husband, she has to pay him the money paid her as a dowry (Mahr).

The man changes his behavior, mistreats his wives, irritates, and tortures them so that they can quickly seek separation from him. It is also reported that the man could do things that make his wives forcefully divorce him.

His 4 wives file for divorce, and this leads them to relent all their material rights and return the dowry to the husband.

Things changed in his 4th marriage.

This case was highlighted recently when the fourth wife of the Saudi man decided to seek separation from him. His fourth wife moved to the court to file a legal divorce case against her husband. At this, a legal advisor advised her to file separation from him after mentioning his mistreatment toward her.

No dowry from the 4th wife

By doing this, she will not have to return the dowry to her husband or pay him any money because the marriage will end because of the husband’s behavior, and the wife will have the proof to represent it in court.

The man will be unable to get any money from his fourth marriage. However, he had received cash money out of his three unsuccessful marriages, and he also feels pride in conning women out of their dowries.

Source: Okaz

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