4 ways to get rid of fog on glasses while wearing mask

During this pandemic, wearing a mask is an obligatory precautionary measure that must be followed. It has caused a great problem for people with eyesight problems who have to wear eyeglasses as they find their vision blurred due to smoke or steam.

The accumulation of steam at the glasses while wearing a protective mask makes it difficult for the glasses wearer to see properly. The glass of their spectacles turns foggy causing a vision problem for them.

What is the reason for foggy glasses?

The collision of cold air of outer environment with the hot air exhaled out from the mouth and nose that move upward from the mask opening cause steam on the glasses mirror.

4 ways to get rid of fog on glasses

Here are four easy ways for eyeglasses wearer to get rid of steam;

1 – Wash your glasses with soap and water, it will somehow help you to get rid of steam collection.

2 – Similarly, one can also apply shaving cream on the internal side of the glasses. It also proves effective. Just apply a small amount of shaving cream and then clean it gently with any soft cloth.

3 – An eyeglasses wearer can also use a spray upon his glasses after consulting the ophthalmologist.

4 – By closing the nasal passage above the mask to reduce air access to the glasses can also prevent the steam from collecting at the glasses. +

For this, a specially designed bandage is applied to the upper corner of the mask. The specially designed bandage is made for this very purpose and it is skin-friendly too.

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