4 things we need to teach Saudis to make them real Saudis

Education can be provided to children at homes as well, but why do we send them to schools? Have you ever thought of it? Well because we can do a lot in groups. Moreover, a teacher is focused to what to teach. The environment of a class is suitable for their uninterrupted learning.

The schools have their own rules and regulations that are necessary to abide by. If one does not, they are punished. This makes us learn to follow rules. The schools have their set timings which help us to be punctual. A teacher has a great role in modeling up the students.[irp]

It is a teacher who polishes the behavior and skills of the students.  My all respect is for teachers and I salute their efforts. It is indeed a hectic task to handle a bunch of students, to make them learn and to have an eye on each and every one of them. But nowadays, real learning is missing at schools.

Now schools want students to be equipped with bookish knowledge, they are less concerned about their character building and promotion of values. I see elementary students learning bookish stuff, which is not objected if it is catered with the learning of values and norms.

When we were in elementary schools, we were taught how to speak to elders, how to behave, what are basics of Islam and other character building stuff. We were taught the manners, we were taught to be patriotic, we were taught to be good people. These things have now somewhat vanished from school’s syllabus.

Why is that so? Why do we abandon good things? We are now in a need to teach Saudis to become real Saudis. We are losing the characteristic of being real Saudis. Our schools need to teach our kids the basic essence of being a Saudi. So here I have listed four things that schools must teach our kids to model them up as real Saudis,

1-We need to teach Saudis to remain humble and kind. They must understand that they are not the wealthiest and strongest people on earth. They ought to remain humble and respectful. Also, I would like to urge the teachers to teach students that international and religious issues are not something they need to handle. It is the responsibility of government to handle them.

2-Our students have lost their confidence. They remain dependent on others. Let us make efforts to up bring independent Saudis who can make wise and careful decisions by themselves.

3-Patriotism is not only saying that I love the country, it’s also about protecting it. Let us teach our children to protect Saudi property. Yes, our public property is destroyed and made dirty by some fellow citizens and expats. This is something not acceptable as the government has to allocate a lot of money to clean up and repair the public property!

4-Teachers shall teach their students to be good and responsible citizens.

Source: Saudi Gazette


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