4 things that happen to your body before Heart Attack

Myocardial infarction is the other name for heart attack. This condition occurs when something tends to block the flow of oxygen and blood to the heart muscle making it difficult for the heart to perform its function. This is a very dangerous situation which can badly affect the heart and its functions, which may lead to death.

There are several symptoms that can diagnose the shortcoming heart attack. Due to scientific research, the rate of death due to heart attacks has minimized as people are well aware of the symptoms related to it. If appropriate treatment is provided at the right time, a person suffering from a heart attack can be treated successfully.

TIGHTNESS AND CHEST PAIN: Extreme chest pain that stops you suddenly from any work is one of the significant indications of a heart attack.

One feels like if he/she is carrying too much weight on the chest e.g. a feeling of carrying an elephant on the chest, squeezing pressure and chest seems tightened and many individuals experience severe pain in the middle of the chest.

If someone feels the same, one must stop the work and relax and if the situation remains the same, one must quickly ask for help.

2721 4 things that happen to your body before Heart Attack

SWEATING: Everyone experience excessive sweating during exercise or on a hot sunny day. Sweating is the natural process that keeps us cool. But if you feel like your body is causing cold sweat then it means it’s not a normal condition, as it may indicate blockage of an artery.

You can notice that the skin will start turning clammy. People who are suffering from night sweating must also seek a doctor.

VOMITING, INDIGESTION, AND NAUSEA: Frequent indigestion and vomiting are the main symptoms that occur before a heart attack. People, who are older and are victimized to indigestion problems, fail to differentiate between this indigestion and heart attack, which is a prime indication. Symptoms of a heart attack vary from a person to person. Some people may feel;

  • Rapid or irregular heartbeat
  • Fatigue
  • Restlessness and dizziness
  • Anxiety
  • Shortness of breath


SEEK FOR EMERGENCY HELP: Time is the most crucial factor to save the life of a person suffering from a heart attack. A one second delay in the treatment can lead to the death of an individual.

Call the doctor immediately or ask people around for help. Never drive yourself to the hospital because in severe cases people pass out while driving causing major accidents.

NITROGLYCERIN: If you have a feeling of experiencing the heart attack, your doctor must have instructed you to keep nitroglycerin tablets. Start taking the tablets unless the doctors reach to help you.

ASPIRIN: Taking an aspirin tablet while experiencing the heart attack symptoms, helps in thinning the blood, decreasing the risk of a clot blocking blood flow to the heart muscle. Chew it up and wait for the help to arrive.

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