4 Saudi men arrested for beating two policemen

Two traffic policemen were on duty at a traffic crossing when a group of four Saudi people attacked them.

The Ministry of Interior labeled the act as criminal and made it clear that the aggressors would not be left unpunished.

Later, a video went viral on social media which shows 4 men beating up 2 police officers. The video shows that both the officers are trying to get away from the 4 men as they continue to beat them up.

Viral Video

#Saudi Police arrest 4 men for beating a police officer in #Madinah http://bit.ly/2taRClO

Posted by Arab News on Thursday, June 14, 2018

4 Saudis have been arrested

The Saudi prosecutor then issued a warrant against the offenders and they were arrested shortly. A video in which the offenders were arrested and pinned to the ground was shared on social media. Pictures of the arrested were also posted on social media.

The offenders have now been arrested. The courts will ensure that they are punished for their crimes.

Source: Arab News

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