4 rights of online shoppers in Saudi Arabia

Being an easy and speedy method for the public to get their needs within no time, online shopping is getting a hike in Saudi Arabia. Especially during such uncertain days, the rights of the consumers are not defined.

Don’t let online websites take undue benefit, Saudi Ministry of Commerce has elaborated 4 rights for online consumers.

Four guidelines are placed by the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) to safeguard online consumers. These recommendations will notify the online shoppers of their rights before buying the online articles. These guidelines will inform them to shop only from registered sites or those which are linked with the ministry’s e-commerce platform, “Maroof.”


Consumers are allowed to cancel their orders and get a full refund when a shipment is delayed by more than 15 days.


This right allows them to give back their products after seven days if unused, except those articles and orders that are made explicitly on the buyer’s request. Food, automobile, and belongings are also excluded from this category of exchange or return.


The Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment (MCI) also utters that the online shopping companies must notify their customers and consumers about the retard in delivery and give them a time limit about the carriage of their products.


Ultimately, the buyers and consumers are allowed to make alterations in their shipments before 24 hours, and this change can be made on the official website of that online company.

Source: Arab News

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