4 reasons Pakistanis HATE their hero, Malala Yousafzai (Noble Prize Winner)

Malala Yousafzai, a Pakistani Nobel prize winner, is a young girl with lots of accomplishments. She was born in Mingora, Swat 1997. The girl is now famous for being a human right activist. To honor her struggle she has been provided a Canadian nationality.

Swat was under the terrorist control and these terrorists did not allow females to go to schools. Malala stood against them bravely. She wrote a blog and stated the struggles she along with her family and villagers have been facing due to Taliban’s occupation of Swat. She was 11 years old that time.[irp]

She also gave interviews for the New York Times documentary and raised the issue of girls’ education at many forums. Soon, she became a famous figure in Swat for her Anti-Terrorist stance. On 9th October 2012, she was shot by Taliban.

She was admitted to the Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology, however observing her serious condition, she was shifted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK. After recovery, she founded the Malala fund and is working as an educational activist.

So doesn’t she sound like a hero? A Nobel Prize winner, a girl with so many achievements. Pakistan must be proud of her. But no, there is a twist in the story. Most Pakistanis do not like Malala at all! Yes, some would rather hate her. If you would ask a Pakistani about Malala, they would simply shout out some bad comments at her.

Isn’t she a daughter of the nation? She was shot by Taliban; she could have died. She raised her voice for the females in Swat. She is an intelligent, talented young girl. She should have earned love and support from her Pakistani fellows. But no, most Pakistanis don’t have that special place for her. So we dig upon the matter and here we are with those reasons that have led Pakistanis to dislike Malala rather than appreciating her struggles.   

1-Malala was not the only girl that was attacked by the Taliban group. Her classmates were along with her. They also got injured. Malala now enjoys a safe and secure future, what about other girls? Why were they not treated like Malala? Are those girls studying?

Those who dislike Malala argue that why Malala was treated differently. No one highlighted other girls. Well, sympathize with those girls, but why hate Malala for it?

2-Most Pakistanis believe that Malala is a conspiracy. The attack was a false one just to portray a bad image of Pakistan. There are many rumors about it circulating in Pakistan. The Pakistanis believe firmly that the West had planned it all and that Malala is playing on their hands. [irp]

3-Most would hate her as she is living away from Pakistan. Most argue that she should have returned to Pakistan and continue her life here. She should live here not in Canada. She should show that she is a true Pakistani who loves her country.

4-Most hate her because now she is a brand, she is famous. She must now raise her voice for Pakistan. Yet never in her interviews has she raised Pakistan’s issue. She can but does not.

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