4 reasons for children kidnapping in Saudi Arabia

Although very few kidnapping cases are reported in Saudi Arabia, there are 4 major reasons the kidnapping takes place.

The kidnapping rate in Saudi Arabia is quite low with 1.8 kidnappings per 100,000 people as compared to 7.3 kidnappings in the UK.

Weak Social Ties

We have developed societies where people do not know about their neighbors. The weak social ties have let others take benefit from it. Any outsider can come into society and people won’t even notice.

A psychologist at family issues, Dr. Hani Al-Ghamdi, says that weak social ties have weakened security levels. Parents need to check on their children themselves and they cannot rely on the neighbors for it. 

4 reasons for children kidnapping in Saudi Arabia

Training to Children

You must keep an eye on your child if he is playing in the neighborhood and tell them not to trust any stranger. Your child shall be told repeatedly not to go with any stranger or to talk with anyone.

If a child feels that a person is keeping an eye on him or is being friendly, he shall report to his parents. Parents need to tell all these important measures to their children.

Irresponsible Parents

Al-Ghamdi stressed that parents have become quite irresponsible. They let their children fetch a grocery item from a nearby grocery store all alone. This is very unsafe for the child. 

If you are at the store, make sure that you have an eye on your child. 

Running Away from their Home

Most cases of children kidnapping reported in Saudi Arabia are found to be children running away from home. Parents should understand that there is a difference between the kidnapping of a child and the running away of a child.

Many children tend to escape from their houses because of various reasons. You can prevent a child escape as there are signs that child is planning an escape.

Why are children kidnapped in Saudi Arabia?

Children can be kidnapped for various purposes like sexual abuse, human trafficking, and even terrorist activities.

Parents and your children are your biggest responsibility. The state is trying its best to prevent such cases, but you are ought to be careful and responsible!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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