4 best resources to learn statistics course in college

Statistics is an introductory college course. It deals with collecting, analyzing, interpreting, presenting, and organizing data. Any college student will benefit from different statistical options, such as data science and machine learning. That is why you will need tremendous and beneficial resources to understand statistics.

College statistics students will need a study kit, so it is imperative to look for a reliable study resource. It will help to understand the course and hence great academic success.

There are different categories in statistics learning:

  • Descriptive statistics: It is a course offered by Udacity and helps understand and use Excel for all the necessary statistics.
  • Inferential statistics: You will know about Excel and the basics of hypothesis testing, ANOVA, and t-test.
  • Predictive statistics: This category will guarantee ANOVA, logistic regression, and regression.

Statistic knowledge helps in improving the flow of mathematical concepts, especially in data analysis. Students can advance their careers and skills from the best statistics resources. It is not a challenging course; you need to connect all the ideas and help in problem-solving.

MIT and Stanford have accreditation as learning institutions that offer the best learning tools.

  • The Open University Open Learn Resource

It is an excellent platform for people with no coding experience and a starting point to learn statistics. There is a wide range of benefits from the resource, such as support from instructors. Their data interpretation makes it an easier process, with examples and solutions in the academic journey.

Students can get case examples to interpret all the variables; they can learn from boxplots. With tables and graphs, learning statistics becomes better with statistical concepts to explain the ideas. Students have access to use a chart for better data interpretation.

  • Statistics at Square One

A book supports students by exploring samples, confidence intervals, and standard deviation. The author has simplified all the explanations by creating integrated learning models. They help understand the challenging statistical options since it is essential to learn statistics using percentages and paired alternatives. The book helps in exploring all the concepts with the student's mind in it. You will know about statistical errors like type I and type II that help identify all the data sets' anomalies.

The author has explained regression and correlation so that statistics are applicable in their workflows. In case you are a new student, this is the best resource for you.

  • MIT Open Course Ware

This resource has excellent material from MIT. The institution has an international reputation for students' statistical courses to learn and meet all the course requirements. It is the best resource because of its practical lessons. They have more than 2000 learning materials online to master statistical skills. You will have access to tutors with experience in diverse fields and accessibility to brilliant minds in statistics. Students can interact with their tutors, get instant feedback online, and take assignments. They can download videos for all the curses when they need to understand more.

  • KDnuggets

It is a popular online resource where students can learn more about statistics. Its ranking is one of the best statistics platforms because of the numerous tools students can get. There are clear and simple explanations and an ideal platform for statistical resources. The use of models and graphs helps to improve the learning experience. It has made it possible to use collaborative tools like question-answer options. It facilitates learning needs hence becoming the best resource in learning statistics.

When students have the right access to the best resources, it will be easy to tackle all the problems. You need to know how to access the resources and using them; the resources will help with your academic performance and application even after school. 

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