4 stories mentioned in the Surah Kahf

There are 4 beautiful stories described in Surah Kahf. Let’s go through them before reciting the surah next time! This surah beautifully teaches us the importance of patience, knowledge, faith, and gratitude.  


The first story narrated in the surah Kahf is about the young people commonly known as the people of the cave or Ashab e Kahf.

Ashab-e-Kahf were 7 people who slept for more than 3 centuries while hiding from a pagan king as mentioned in the Holy Quran and Bible.

The Holy Quran mentions that Ashab-e-Kahf slept for 300 Gregorian years, which translates into 309 lunar years.

Two men, two gardens, and a test of wealth

The second story narrated in the Surah Kahf is about the test of wealth and faith. There were two men, both having gardens. One was rich, and his garden yielded a greater harvest, while the other was poor, whose garden yielded less harvest.

Unfortunately, the wealthy was a disbeliever who would not spend in the way of Allah. At the same time, the poor one had a strong faith and would give charity. The poor passed the test of wealth even with less wealth! While the wealthier failed it!  It is not the wealth that matters; it is the faith that would account!

Trial of Dajjal

This narration also connects to Dajjal’s trial. Dajjal, the one with many powers, would bring plenty of wealth with him. Those with weak iman shall fall for it.

They will fall for worldly wealth: they will forgo the pleasures of eternal life for this temporary life. The ones who would not follow Dajjal and would not fall prey to him shall suffer from intense poverty. Yet their faith would let them enjoy countless bounties of the hereafter.

Prophet Khizr story

Once Prophet Musa عليه السلام was asked as to who amongst the people has the best knowledge, whereupon he said: I have the best knowledge. However, Allah did not like this.

He revealed to Hazrat Musa عليه السلام: A servant amongst My servants is at the junction of two rivers who has more knowledge than yours.

  • Prophet Musa عليه السلام asked: How can I meet him?
  • Allah said: Carry a fish in the large basket and the place where you find it missing there you will find him.

Thereupon Hazrat Musa عليه السلام proceeded forth along with a young man (Prophet Yusha bin Nun عليه السلام). The entire story has been given in the story of Prophet Khidr عليه السلام.

Dhul Qarnayn story

The last story in Surah Kahf is about King Dhul Qarnayan. He was a powerful yet just leader who would ensure that justice was prevalent under his reign. His story is a brief one. Nevertheless, it has a powerful message for all the leaders.

He constructed a big wall to protect believers from the attacks of Yajuj Majuj, as explained in the holy Quran.

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