4 Beautiful stories mentioned in the Surah Kahf of Quran

Reciting Surah Kahf on Friday is a Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

As Muslims, we know that reciting Surah Kahf on the blessed day of Friday is Sunnah. Reciting the surah let us purify from the sins and increase our rewards. According to a Hadith reported by Ibn Umar, the one who recites the very Surah on Friday shall shine on the Day of Judgment and his sins between two Fridays shall be washed. (Al-Hakim and Al-Bayhaqi)

I have seen many Muslims reciting the Surah to gain rewards which do please me, yet what disappoints me is to know that most of us are unaware of the context contained in 110 ayahs. Reciting it is a great deed and may Allah accept our efforts, yet we shall be aware of the message contained in.

Unfortunately, most people recite it without understanding the meaning

Doesn’t one get excited to know the meaning of it? What is contained in it that it shall forgive sins of a week and shall make a Muslim shine on the Day of Judgment! Basically, the beautiful surah is established in 4 narrations.

It has 4 great lessons from the past. This surah beautifully teaches us the importance of patience, knowledge, faith, and gratitude.  

So why not learn these beautiful teachings and gain rewards while reciting? Here is a summary of those 4 narrations, let’s go through them before reciting the surah next time!

  1. Ashab-e-Kahf

The very first story narrated in the surah Kahf is about the young people commonly known as the people of the cave or Ashab e Kahf. These young men were put on a trail by Allah where their Iman was tested. Allah allowed them to choose between their faith in Allah and abandoning their belief for sake of worldly life. Recommended: 6 Facts about Ashab-e-Kahf

They stood firmly for their faith as it is a priceless and most valuable asset of a Muslim. This narration then connects to the Dajjal. Allah Almighty will test the faith of the Muslims by sending Dajjal.

He would be a powerful creature and will bring heavens and hellfire with him, yet only those with no or weak faith will fall for him. As people with strong faith would know that it is a trail for them.

  1. Two men, two gardens and a test of wealth

The second story narrated in the Surah Kahf is about the test of wealth and faith. There were two men both having gardens. One was rich and his garden yield greater harvest while the other was poor whose garden yielded less harvest.

Unfortunately, the wealthy was a disbeliever who would not spend in way of Allah. While the poor one had a strong faith and would give charity. The poor one passed the test of wealth even with less wealth! While the wealthier failed it!  It is not the wealth that matters, it is the faith that would account!

The Trial of Dajjal

This narration also connects to the trial of Dajjal. Dajjal, the one with many powers would bring with him plenty of wealth. Those with weak iman shall fall for it.

They will fall for the worldly wealth: they will forgo pleasures of eternal life for this temporary life! the ones who would not follow Dajjal and will not fall prey to him shall suffer from intense poverty.  Yet their faith would let them enjoy countless bounties of the hereafter. Recommended: 10 Facts every Muslim and Christian should know about Dajjal

  1. Hazrat Khizr A.S – the man with great knowledge

The third narration is about Prophet Musa and Hazrat Khizr A.S. The Prophet Musa A.S was blessed with great miracles and knowledge. However, Allah had blessed Hazrat Khizr A.S. with unique knowledge and asked Musa to meet him and seek guidance from him.

The quest for seeking knowledge has a lesson for us and for Hazrat Musa

Hazrat Musa learned that Knowledge is a blessing that shall make a person humble. A knowledge-full person shall not be arrogant. He shall not boost upon his knowledge. We need to see that does knowledge makes us arrogant or not?

Are we even equipped with the knowledge of Islam? Do we feel proud of having the Islamic knowledge or do we believe that it is old-fashioned? Do we think that the Quran is full of guidance or do we think that it is full of historical stories? Recommended: 5 Lessons to learn from Hazrat Khizr’s story

Let us remember that only those who would be equipped with true knowledge shall not fall prey to Dajjal’s trial. Are we preparing ourselves for it or not? Are we equipped with true knowledge of Islam?

  1. Zulqurnain A.S: A just leader

The last narration in Surah Kahf is about a just leader named Zulqurnain A.S. He was a powerful yet a just leader who would ensure that justice is prevalent under his reign. His story is a brief one, nevertheless, it has a powerful message for all the leaders.

Some people believe that Yajuj Majuj (Gog and Magog) were not actually imprisoned by Zulqurnain A.S instead the wall which is mentioned in the Holy Quran built by Zulqurnain was merely the wall of Allah’s will which stopped them from invading the world. Recommended: Who are Yajuj Majuj (Gog and Magog)?

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