4 Arabic Wood Craft Ideas

Arabic arts and crafts are unique and different from other nations. We love to do calligraphy on wood and our homes often contain pieces of Verses crafted on wood. Holy verses are part of our religion, and that’s why we prefer hanging decor in our homes for various purposes. 

If you’re fond of woodworking, whether or not you live in the country, here are some of the unique wood craft ideas that you can try at home for fun and to learn something new:

Wall art

Arabic words are very exceptional and look beautiful when they are hanged in the form of wall art. You can make wall art by doing calligraphy on a simple piece of wood. You’ll just need a wooden plank, simple paintbrushes, and paint. If you know the Arabic language then it is well and good. You can just write anything beautiful on the wooden piece. Let that dry, attach a sturdy rope or string, and hang your sign on your wall.

Wall divider

You can make a wall divider from wood. For this purpose, you will need a drill, chisels, and wooden logs. Use sandpaper to make the edges soft. Carve any design of your choice on the wood. You can make flowers or any other art on the wood depending on what design you prefer. Polish the wood and a simple wall divider is ready.

Quran stand

Quran is the Islamic book that Arabs study to get knowledge about their religion. It is our holy book, and therefore it needs to be protected from dust and other clutter. A Quran stand is used to place the Quran at a level above the ground. You can make this stand at home. You will need screws, a saw, sandpaper, and a wooden plank. Cut the wood into two equal pieces and make the edges with the sandpaper. Adjust the parts together with the help of screws and polish the wood.

Wood carving

Carving the Arabic language and holy verses on wood is also a beautiful project. It is also very popular in the Arab to use wood carvings as decorative pieces. You can sell these items online to earn money as well. You will need a chisel, sandpaper, paint, wood piece, saw, and wood polish. Carve something of your choice and use a sander. Polish the wood to give it a glossy look.

Final Words

Besides these, you can also make stool, table, and wall hanging from the wood. You can take inspiration and guidance from online forums and woodworking books. There are many discussion groups online in which people share their projects and help each other. You can join those groups for guidance.

Apart from that, books are also a great resource of project ideas. If you’re having trouble finding a book for you, sources like Sawinery can provide you with a reliable list. There are many useful woodworking books like “The Complete Manual of Woodworking” and “Good Clean Fun”. They contain colorful illustrations and complete guidelines to help you start with beginner-friendly projects.  

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Steve has been living in Saudi Arabia since 2013 and writing about Saudi rules, regulations, guides, and procedures since then.