How to get 60% discount on car insurance?

Do you know you can get a 60% discount while renewing your car insurance in Saudi Arabia using loyalty and no-claim discounts? If you have a valid promo code, the discount percentage can increase.

Check Discount Eligibility on the Najm App

To check your No-Claim Insurance discount eligibility;

  • Download the Najm App from either Playstore or iTunes.
  • Select the English language.
  • Create an account using the Iqama number.
  • Approve the account using the Nafath app.
  • Go to Dashboard.
  • Find “Insurance Discount“.
  • Click on the “View Details” button given with the vehicle details.

The Najm application will show you the no-claim discount for which you are eligible.

Check Discount Eligibility on Najm App

Check Discount Eligibility on Najm Website

You can also check the discount eligibility on the Najm website.

Check Discount Eligibility on Najm Website

60% No Claim discount 

If there is no claim submitted against the insured person while he was insured throughout the period, he would be eligible for a no-claim discount by the insurance company;

  • 1-year without claim: 10% discount on third-party insurance and 15% on comprehensive.
  • 2 years without claim: 20% discount on third-party insurance and 25% on comprehensive.
  • 3 years without claim: 30% discount on third-party insurance and 35% on comprehensive.
  • 4 years without claim: 40% discount on third-party insurance and 50% on comprehensive.
  • 5 years without claim: 50% discount on third-party insurance and 60% on comprehensive.

No Claim discount reduction

The no-claim insurance discount explained above is reduced in the following two events.


In case of an accident involving your mistake by more than 50% and where the other party is eligible to submit a claim, the no-claim discount is reduced by two years.

For example, if you have had only one accident in the past five years, you are eligible for only a 30% discount on third-party and 35% on comprehensive insurance.

Insurance Gap

If you buy insurance within 30-180 days of expiry, you will lose an NCD discount for one year. But in case of the following insurance renewal on time, you would get the NCD discount back.

However, if you renew your insurance after 180 days, you will lose all the insurance discount and must pay the total amount.

Discount with promo codes

If you renew the insurance online through Tameeni or the individual websites of Tawuniya or Malath, you can get an additional discount by using their promo codes.

  • Tameeni promo code: KSA10.
  • Tawuniya promo code: COUPON30.
  • Malath insurance promo code: BIG10.

If you find any of these promo codes are not working anymore, they might have expired. You can update us about any new codes by commenting below.

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