3-year travel ban for visiting these 16 countries

The Ministry of Interior of Saudi Arabia has announced that any Saudi who visits any of the 16 countries on the COVID red list will be banned to travel for 3 years.

Is it applicable to expats as well?

A large majority of expats are asking to what degree this decision is applicable to expats? Should they avoid traveling to those countries?

Although the decision is not applicable to expats as per the announcement made by the Ministry of Interior, they should also avoid traveling to those 16 countries unless it is an absolute necessity. 

Saudi Iqama holders who have taken 2 doses of the COVID19 vaccine from Saudi Arabia are allowed to directly fly from all around the world including these 16 countries.

There is already a separate announcement for expats that if they have been to any of the 10 countries in the preceding 14 days, they would not be allowed to enter Saudi Arabia.

16 countries where Saudis are banned to travel

If a Saudi national visits any of the following 16 banned countries, he will be barred from travel for 3 years. 

  1. Libya.
  2. Syria.
  3. Lebanon.
  4. Yemen.
  5. Iran.
  6. Turkey.
  7. Armenia.
  8. Ethiopia.
  9. Somalia.
  10. Afghanistan.
  11. Venezuela.
  12. Belarus.
  13. India.
  14. Vietnam.
  15. Indonesia.
  16. The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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