3-year-old Saudi boy survives snake bite

Aziz Al Mishari was playing in his houseyard in Al Darb, located in southern Saudi Arabia, when a snake bit him.

This mountainous, remote area is rich in wildlife, and thus, the poor boy met an unfortunate event. As soon as the snake bit him, he felt the pain and cried loudly.

His mother immediately called the ambulance and tied the affected area. The situation was quite intense.

The boy was taken to the Al Darb General Hospital by the Red Crescent. The boy was received by the director on duty and the doctor. They acted promptly and professionally.

It was found that the little boy was bitten by a non-venomous snake that had toxic glands. Yet it is important to carefully clean the wound as it can be full of bacteria and cause diseases.

While most snakes tend to hibernate during winter, some snakes can be active too. Therefore, people should be careful and should take precautions.

Source: Gulf News

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