3 women underwent plastic surgery – authorities couldn’t recognize them

We are Identifiable even if changed over time

Whenever I see my old photograph, I seemed to have gone through a change. Either I had gained /lost weight, changed my hairstyle or just have changed looks over time. But this is something quite natural that almost everyone goes through.

However, a drastic change can leave others astonished. Even though we might change our looks over time, but when we see our old photographs, we do resemble and can be even identified in a group photo. So my point here is that even if we change over time, we are identifiable.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

The story is that three Chinese women went to South Korea for plastic surgery. Chinese were celebrating the Golden Week National Holiday. During the week, many Chinese opted to travel abroad. According to the sources, this year about 6 million Chinese visited abroad for enjoying their holidays.

South Korea is one of the countries where plastic surgery has quiet hype. The studies reveal that 50% of female populations of Seoul, who are less than 30 years, have gone through plastic surgery. In South Korea, one can find huge billboards depicting amazing results of plastic surgery. (you know the ones with 2 photographs: one of before and one of after)

4869 3 women underwent plastic surgery - authorities couldn’t identify them 01

The plastic surgery clinics in the chi-chi Gangnam district are proclaimed as the Improvement Quarters. Chinese often seek medical assistance in South Korea. It is estimated that in the year 2016, almost 500,000 Chinese visited South Korea for medical purposes.

We might not know how many went for plastic surgery, but as per a guess, many must have visited the country for the very reason.

No Recognition after Plastic Surgery

If someone goes through plastic surgery, we might have trouble identifying them through old photographs and this is what actually happened with three Chinese women. The issue got serious when the authorities at the airport could not recognize them through their old (before plastic surgery) photos attached on their passport.

When these three women also went to South Korea for plastic surgery, they got their done. There was no problem in surgery or so. Yet issue arose when they reached the airport to fly back to China. The authorities at the airport were unable to identify them through their passport photographs!

4869 3 women underwent plastic surgery - authorities couldn’t identify them 00

Even their mothers cannot recognize them

Well, we can’t claim that the surgery went successful and they went through a drastic change because these ladies arrived at the airport with swollen faces heavily covered in bandages. Their picture broke the internet. They become trending on social media and people started to joke about them.

One of the Chinese TV presenters named Jian Huahua, also joked about them and posted their photograph with a hilarious caption. The caption read that it is impossible to recognize them: even their mothers won’t be able to do so! These women, however, were not allowed to get on board and were kept at the airport (whose name is kept anonymous). They were questioned by the authorities.

Chinese are often troubled at the South Korean airports. Due to this very reason and the political events, the tourist count to South Korea by China has dropped by 70%.

Source: Independent UK

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