3 Tricks used by construction workers to deceive Saudi Employers

Finding loyal people around is hard now. People play tricks with others just for sake of some money. Nowadays, we have seen that expat workers play tricks on Saudis. I do not mean to say that all expatriates are liars and cannot be trusted, but most expat workers providing construction services have been observed deceiving Saudis.[irp]

In Saudi Arabia, there are many expat construction workers. These worker’s construction work no doubt are very good, yet there are many who tend to play tricks on Saudis to make some extra money. They are neither thieves nor bad workers, yet Saudis need to be aware of the tricks they play on them.

1-If you hire an expat construction worker and he claims that he is the one who was involved in making “that” famous building or he provides services to a famous Saudi personality, don’t fall for it! This is the most common trick used by the expat workers.

Only a few Saudis fall prey to it as most are now aware of the expat workers’ tricks or they have been a victim of the trick before. The basic intention behind the trick is to demand more money. See once you convince someone that you are a professional, you can charge more money.

2- Once you hire an expat worker and you and your worker mutually agree for the number of days, the expat worker is unlikely to complete the work on time. Most of these workers won’t show up for days when they will return they will simply say that their sponsor had been troubling them.

Well, you shouldn’t always believe them in this case. Even though sponsor’s issues are sometimes genuine, yet most workers tend to lie. The expat workers grab hands on new work without considering that they are already in a commitment. So they take some days off to complete the second task.

3-Have you ever noticed that expat workers bring in another worker and claim him to be his assistant? Well, he is certainly not his assistant, rather he has been hired by the worker as a sub-contracted worker. Just like construction companies implement sub-contracts. Subcontracts are actually profitable.

So if you hired a construction worker at SR 10,000 to complete a task, he may hire another person under sub-contract at say SR 7000. So beware of this trick as well. Don’t allow the worker overcharge you, he is already making money by assigning the task to a sub-contract worker.

So, all Saudis out there don’t fall for such baits. If you to hire a construction worker make sure you know these simple tricks played by them. You can also share these tricks with someone who has hired an expat construction worker or will be hiring soon!

Source: Saudi Gazette

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