6 streets in Saudi Arabia named after Pakistani heroes

Several roads in Saudi Arabia are named after the national heroes of Pakistan. Here are the details of a few of those roads named on Pakistani heroes.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah street

Mohammad Ali Jinnah is the founder of Pakistan and the father of the Pakistani nation. Mohammad Ali Jinnah Street is located in the Granada area in Riyadh. Naming this road after the father of the nation clearly shows the importance of Pakistan in the hearts of Saudi leaders and its people.

  • Muhammad Ali Jinnah street location

Mohammad Ali Jinnah street in Riyadh

Mohammad Iqbal Street

Named after the great thinker and the national poet of Pakistan, Allama Mohammad Iqbal, this street is also located in Riyadh behind Shahrae Hail. 

Here you will also be amazed to know that in Alexandria, an Egyptian city, there is also a road named after Mohammad Iqbal, the national poet of Pakistan.

Mohammad Iqbal Street in Riyadh

Abul A’la Maududi Street

Abul A’la al-Maududi was an Islamic scholar, Islamist ideologue, Muslim philosopher, jurist, historian, journalist, activist, and scholar from Pakistan. There is a street in his name in Dammam. 

  • Abul A’la al-Maududi street location.

Farman Ali Khan Street

On 25-11-2009, as flash floods roared through Jeddah city, Farman Ali Khan secured a rope to his waist and jumped into the roaring floodwaters to rescue Saudi people. He saved 14 lives but lost his own while attempting to rescue the 15th person.

He is also a Pakistani to win the highest civilian award, “King Abdul Aziz Medal”. The Saudi government has named a street in his name in Qawiza area of Jeddah.

Islamabad Street

A Street in Riyadh is named Islamabad after the capital city of Pakistan. Everyone while reading the board remembers Pakistan.

Islamabad Street in RiyadhLahore Street

Lahore is also called the heart of Pakistan. Located in the center of Punjab, the city is known for its hundreds of years old culture and civilization. There is a street in Al Falah District, Riyadh with the name “Lahore City.

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