Meet 3 real sisters married to one man in India

Men holding multiple marriages or the simple concept of Polygamy is not something that we are not aware of. However, have you heard of a man marrying two or more sisters?  This is insane, yet true!

In India, this is one of the new trends where sisters are given in the hands of the same man who tends to keep them in the same house and have children with all of them.

Recently, the Hindu community observed the Karwa Chauth, where Hindu married females keep a fast for the longevity of their husbands. They see their husband through a sieve after seeing a moon and then break the fast.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Satna, an unusual Karwa Chauth was observed where the three sisters observed a Karwa Chauth. The three sisters observed a fast for their one and only husband. It has been 12 years since the three are married to a single man. All three sisters have two children, each from the man!

5406 Meet 3 real sisters married to one man in India

The man named Krishna is married to three blood sisters named Shoba, Reena, and Pinki. For 12 years, they have been living in the same house. The three observed the fast and completed all the rituals for the longevity of their single husband.

It is also important to mention that Islam prohibits Muslims from marrying two blood sisters.

Source: Gulf News

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