3 Signs that your Hajj is accepted | Hajj Mabroor

All the rewards promised by Allah for performing Hajj are contingent on its acceptance. A Hajj that is accepted by Allah is called Hajj Mabroor.

The Prophet Muhammad said, “Verily there shall be no reward for a Hajj Mabroor (accepted Hajj) except Jannah.” (Bukhari, Muslim).

What are the signs of Hajj Mabroor?

The more important question that now most of you would ask is how one can know whether their Hajj has been accepted by Allah or not, are there any signs?

1- The first sign of an accepted Hajj is your transformation. You must look at how the Hajj has transformed you. Has it not affected you in any way Are you still committing all the tiny sins that you did every day even after performing Hajj

2- The second sign of Hajj Mabroor is how good you have become in abstaining from sins. Have you run away from all the things that Allah has disposed of

3- The third sign of an accepted Hajj is becoming a better Muslim. If you become a better Muslim than before you left, you can take a sigh of relief and be grateful that perhaps your Hajj has been accepted.

Source: Arab News

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