3 reasons people avoid using pedestrian bridges in Saudi Arabia

It was reported from Makkah that citizens are criticizing Makkah municipality for wasting millions of riyals on the construction of pedestrian bridges as people at large do not make any use of these bridges and cross the roads just like that.

Eimad Bin Ali Al-Saadi, spokesman of Makkah municipality said that 17 pedestrian bridges have been built in different parts of Makkah city. He said that three new bridges are soon to be constructed in various parts of the city.[irp]

Work on a new bridge over Omar Qadi Road has been stopped due to some technical reasons. He also said that The Saudi Electricity Company will soon solve the problem as they are in continuous contact with them. Citizens illustrated three main reasons for people not using the pedestrian bridges;

1-Lack of Awareness: One of the residents of Makkah told the Arab Newspaper that awareness should be created among the people on using pedestrian bridges instead of crossing roads and highways where cars come at full speeds endangering their lives.

He advised calling for a joint awareness campaign by The Traffic Department, Municipalities, Education Department and Universities. Most of the people basically don’t know why these bridges are built. They are unaware of the fact that these bridges are constructed especially for their safety so that they can easily and safely cross the road without meeting any miserable accident.

Col. Bassim Bin Amin Al Badri, Director of the Traffic Department in Makkah explained that the traffic department has made a contact with the education department to enhance traffic safety consciousness among students by directing intensive campaigns.

The Director was reported saying that they will organize lectures and distribute brochures to increase traffic awareness among students, along with teaching them traffic rules and regulations.

2-Poor Location: Hassan Ali, a resident of Makkah city, when asked about people not using the pedestrian bridge reasoned that people avoid using these bridges because they are located far away from the residential and commercial areas.

3-Height: Ahmad Bello, a Makkah resident, said there is long staircase with too many steps to reach the bridge it is very difficult for the elderly and sick people to use it, that’s why it is avoided by many people.

In answer to all these statements from the citizens, Eimad Bin Ali Al-Saadi said that they have upgraded seven bridges providing them with escalators for elderly and sick people to use it. He further adds that the escalators have been installed as an initiative to encourage more and more people to use the pedestrian bridges located all over the city.

All apart, The Public should have this self-consciousness and a sense of safety when it comes to their own precious life and better follow rules and regulations along with the safety measures provided to them.

There are numerous Pedestrian bridges and the public should make use of it, now that the escalators are being installed, the use should increase more. The people of Makkah and other parts of The Kingdom are lucky to have such facilities being provided to them.

Public Safety is not a major concern of the Governments in many of the countries around the world. If there are any flaws in the bridges or any means of safety, they shall report and only then complain but make a good use of such bridges for life of every being is precious.    

Source: Saudi Gazette

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