3 Money-Making Applications for Passive Income

Today, having a free source of passive income is what everyone has set their hearts on. The idea might sound too far-fetched or unrealistic to some, but it’s very logical looking at the skyrocketing prices and the economic downturn the world is experiencing in its untainted form.

In the present world, people who’re doing regular jobs are literally being manipulated by the price-setters. Goods are now more expensive than ever. What’s more, people even fear a recession, and the horrors brought on by COVID19 are to thank for that (sarcasm intended).

In times like these, it’s astronomically imperative that you secure yourself and your family from the negative impacts of this economic and financial frenzy.

Rewording it, you need to find yourself a source of passive income, no matter how little or big it is. If your job is paying you enough and you’re fully content with your pay and emoluments, a passive income source serves as a means of additional savings.

In this article, we’ll be shedding light on the top 3 apps that you need right now if you’re looking for an easy (yet rewarding) means of income. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll find it pretty easy.

1.      VidMate Cash – Earn Money by Watching Videos and Ads

If you’ve set your eyes on earning money through your mobile phone, VidMate Cash is a great way of doing so. VidMate allows you to watch videos from thousands of websites. What’s more, you can even download these videos to your mobile phones for some non-stop streaming on the go. VidMate even allows you to stream and download music from your favorite websites.

  • Recommended TV shows and channels
  • Floating windows for multitasking
  • The option to convert videos to MP3/MP4
  • The ability to download multiple files in a go
  • Background downloads

Enough talking of the benefits; now let’s get into how you can earn money using this contemporary money-making bad boy!

First, you need to download VidMate Cash. You do this easily through their website – vidmatecash.com – Download the APK file and install it directly from your phone’s storage after allowing all relevant permissions to install the application.

Once you’ve downloaded VidMate Cash, you’ll get an astonishing signup bonus. Once through with that, you can watch ads and videos to get coins. You can easily convert these coins into money (the minimum withdrawal amount is ₹5). Yes, that means you can watch ads and earn money. The money you just earned from watching ads and videos arrives instantly in your wallet, and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

This MP3 and MP4 downloader doesn’t disappoint; that’s for sure!

Also, you can even refer the application to your friends and get another bonus. VidMate Cash app also jubilates itself in its ‘Piggy Bank Buff’ feature – the piggy bank produces extra coins every second, even when you’re sleeping!

2.      Swagbucks – Online Surveys and Free Gift Cards

To call Swagbucks an amazing application would be an understatement. In its essence, Swagbucks is a loyalty and consumer rewards program. Users of Swagbucks get cash or free gift cards for simply doing normal activities that might seem too mundane on the outside. These activities include browsing the web, playing games, purchasing things online, watching videos, and redeeming cash back rebates.

3.      BIGtoken

In its essence, BIGtoken is a money-making app that gives you cash if you complete certain surveys. These surveys usually don’t take too much of your time – it literally takes a few minutes. Moreover, the great part of this app is that there are always surveys that you can cash in; you don’t have to worry about there NOT being any surveys you can complete. Upon completing these surveys, you gain coins, which you can later convert into cash.

To Put It in a Nutshell

A dependable source of passive income is a dream come true for many people out there. There’s a boatload of applications that you’ll find on the market that’ll promise you to get you money, but you need to be extra cautious here because the internet is a notorious place for scams. But, you know what’s safe? VidMate Cash. So, download the app now and get printing money as you chill on your couch!

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