Riyadh Police arrested 3 men who tried to kidnap children

In Riyadh, a video went viral in which there was seen a man who was chasing two boys to kidnap them but he failed in his attempt. 

It was reported that the father of those two children was interviewed by a news channel. He informed that the two boys went out of the house to get some grocery but they saw an offender following them. They rushed back home and knocked on the door.

How did it happen?

He said that a black car approached near them and a man came out of the car with a cleaver and ran after the children.  There was another man in the car who did not come out or accompanied the first one because he seemed to be abnormal or under the influence of drugs.”  

Specialists of Riyadh Criminal Departments worked and it was their great efforts that they were able to lead the case just following a single video clip.

It was said that the three arrested men were Saudis and their age was between 30 and 40 years. The police arrested the three men and discovered the vehicle.

The police were able to locate the vehicle and found the cleaver and a bottle of some alcoholic substance inside the car. The criminals confessed that they have stolen the car.

They also confessed other crimes committed by them like stealing vehicles by force, and they assaulted the pedestrians to steal their money and belongings. These three criminals are still under arrest and are still investigated.

Source: Al Arabiya

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