3 Major reasons some Muslims use Black Magic Spells – How it works?

Magic challenge the Destiny: Using Black Magic is one of the prohibited acts of Islam. It can surely produce results but it tends to challenge the destiny: the destiny that Allah Almighty has written and chosen for us. Casting a spell for changing something is not what is prescribed in Islam.

It is a shortcut way to achieve something desirable. As Muslims, we shall have a belief that things will change at a better time. We shall wait for things to go better. Then what is prescribed in Islam is to make dua and to repent of the mistakes (sometimes your bad deeds make Allah angry with you).

A true believer waits for the trial to be over: A true believer knows that Allah Almighty loves him, he is one of the greatest creations of Allah, and if Allah is testing him he shall stick to the correct path and wait until the trial is over. However, sometimes people lose hope and believe that a spell can change their life for good.

The art has different types and applications such as Wiccan, Witchcraft, and sorcery. People who practice it claim that years of practice are required to acquire expertise. They have to face hardships to become an expert. Casting a spell to change something is a difficult and challenging task.

It was widely practiced in the pre-Islamic era and now for a decade, it has again gained popularity. Muslims are now getting involved in this prohibited practice.

Those who practice it tend to demand a lot of money. When researched, it was revealed that people opt for this “shortcut” for some specific reasons. Here are lists of those top reasons people use this black-art for:

1-For love purpose: people end up with loving someone who is not to be their destiny. Their loved ones may either be committed to someone else or may have other barriers that restrain them from committing with the very person.

After every hope fades away, instead of having a faith that Allah will grant them with a better option soon, they go for casting a spell to make them theirs.

2-For success: Success means different for different people. For some having wealth is a success, while for others good grades, good job or good house would be a success.

3-For revenge: the most widespread use of spells is for revenge. People who hate someone who had given pain to them would take their revenge using the help of spells.

Now, coming to the point, why are people opting for this shortcut? Don’t we see that we are spending money and effort on something that is not good for us? How can we challenge our creator and that too for things like love, money, and revenge?

It is not compulsory that the person you love will love you and lead a happy life for you. Allah has planned better for you. If you are having such a trouble, leave it to Allah. He is the best planner. Even if you get the person you love through a spell, you can’t assure a happy life with them.

Shortcuts are not suitable: Success can come your way, Insha Allah, but this shortcut is not suitable. Such a success might not even last long. Work hard and have faith in Allah. And try to forgive people and if that is way too difficult for you, leave it to Allah.

The Prophet Muhammad S.A.W has termed black magic as committing shirk. We know that one who commits shirk is out of the boundaries of Islam and cannot be categorized as Muslim.

It was narrated that Abu Hurairah said: “The Messenger of Allah [SAW] said: ‘Whoever ties a knot and blows on it, he has practiced magic; and whoever practices magic, he has committed Shirk; and whoever hangs up something (as an amulet) will be entrusted to it.'” –  Sunan an-Nasa’i 4079

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