How to perform Ghusl? 3-Fard

To perform Ghusl as per Islam, you must complete 3 fard. When do you need a Ghusl? What are the Farz of Ghusl? How to perform it? Everything is explained below;

When do you need a Ghusl? 

It is a Fard to perform Ghusl after the following 5 situations;

  1. When you discharge siemens.
  2. After the sexual intercourse.
  3. After the end of menstruation.
  4. After the bleeding stops from childbirth.
  5. People who die require Ghusl as well if it’s from natural causes. However, death from jihad doesn’t require Ghusl.

It is a Sunnah to perform Ghusl before Eid prayers, before Friday prayers, after washing a corpse, after the conversion of a disbeliever to Islam, and before the pilgrimage to Makkah.

fard of ghusl

Fard of ghusl in Islam

There are 3 farz parts of Ghusl. If we miss any of these parts, our Ghusl is not valid.

1- The first fard of Ghusl is to wash the mouth with water as it should reach all the parts internally from the lips to the base of the throat.

    • However, there is no need to gargle if fasting.

2- The second farz of Ghusl is to wash the inside of the nose with water. Water should be pulled hard enough to the soft part of the base of the nose.

3- The third fard of Ghusl is to Wash the body once from the head to the bottom of the feet. Every strand (hair) and skin of the body must get wet. Even if a single strand or a small portion of skin is not washed the Ghusl will not be completed.

How to do Ghusl? – 10 steps

Although it is not required to follow any specific steps to perform Ghusl as long as you are fulfilling the farz mentioned above. We have provided a step-by-step Sunnah way to achieve Ghusl below;

Step 1- Recite “بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيم”.

Step 2- After positioning yourself facing the water, wash your hands, the right one. This includes your wrist and fingers till the arm. Repeat it three times. Do the same with your left hand now.

Step 3- Using water, wash your private parts three times and remove all the impurities by rubbing your body parts.

Step 4- Cupping your right hand, fill the water, and take it in your mouth. Swirl it inside and then spit it. Repeat it three times as well. As explained above, this is a fard act of Ghusl.

Step 5- Take water inside through the nostrils using the right hand. Blow it out on your left hand and repeat it three times. As explained above, this is a farz act of Ghusl.

Step 6- Wash your face three times. You should wash it from the hairline to the chin, extending to both ears. Men should wash their beards as well.

Step 7- Now wash your arms, first the right and then the left from above the elbow three times.

Step 8- Now pour water three times on your head so your hair gets wet till the roots and scalp.

Step 9- Pour water on the right side of the body, including the shoulders, and repeat it on the left. Now, pour it over the head, wetting your whole body and rubbing it with your hands.

Step 10- Move to a clean platform and wash your legs right and left till the ankles and between the toes, including the sole, three times.

You are now clean and eligible for prayers.

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