3 Women and 4 men Jailed for running sex-trade business in Jeddah

The Court of Appeals in the red city of Jeddah has released an order against a group of seven people.

The Appeal Court of Jeddah, which is in the western direction of the Kingdom, announced a heavy punishment after the examination and observation of the case situation and the criminal activities which took place.

The group consists of seven criminals which include three women and four men. All three women and four men belonged to Asian states which mean they all hold Asian nationality.

The court imposed serious punishment and charged all seven Asians. It was because of involvement and spreading immoral activities in the society. 

Criminal activities involved debauchery which means indulging in sex forcibly. They were also told to have a center which served as a harbor to runway domestic helpers and provided them with a platform to practice illegal or immoral activities.

The Court of Appeals stated that all criminals will be deported as soon as they finish their punishment and other charged requirements.  The legal officer quoted to the Daily Arabic newspaper of Jeddah that all the defendants were found guilty and accountable for the wrong activities.

They were also involved in diverting people’s mind forcibly by putting them under pressure to participate in illicit or unofficial business. This illegal business is basically sex trading.

Sex trading is a modern form of slavery which exists globally. The business of Sex breaks all rules or laws violate human rights and proves to be a big enemy of human health.

Sex trading is composed of two most important and basic elements which involve slavery and human smuggling. This business is unethical, immoral, and a big criminal business. But unfortunately, this business holds a significant amount of income.

According to some estimation, sex trading is counted as one of the fastest growing crime business. This is why such kind of organized criminal business makes out a big profit in our society.

The lawyer who was dealing with the case also requested the court for immediate confiscation of criminal cell phones including the cash which was generated illegally.

The lower court already sentenced the gang leader to about five years in prison along with five hundred lashes. The lower court also imposed a penalty of thirty thousand Saudi Riyals.

The court ordered to take over the cell phones and take into custody 9,000 Saudi Riyals cash which was found by the police. The other defendant got sentenced to a period of about three years in jail along with three hundred lashes and fine of twenty thousand Saudi Riyals. 

Besides this, those three women were also imprisoned by the court for consecutive two years and charged two hundred lashes.  In a nutshell, The Court of Appeals had taken quick action against such crime which is a great and positive symbol for a healthy society.

Source: Gulf News

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