3 conditions set for foreign pilgrims to repeat Umrah

The Ministry of Hajj has set 3 conditions for foreign pilgrims to repeat Umrah during their 10 days stay in Saudi Arabia. It has been clarified that every foreign pilgrim would get at least one Umrah appointment per trip.

3 conditions for foreign pilgrims to repeat Umrah

  1. The foreign pilgrims can repeat Umrah only in groups, not as individuals.
  2. The licensed Umrah companies need to make arrangements for the performance of Umrah.
  3. The licensed Umrah companies would book Umrah appointment through Eatmarna app.

What about domestic pilgrims?

The Ministry has also given a hint that there could be a drop in the number of Umrah permit applicants from the domestic pilgrims in the next phases of the gradual resumption of the Umrah service. 

It is due to the fact that most of the domestic pilgrims have already performed Umrah in the beginning phases of Umrah resumption.

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