3 Best Salons for Women in Riyadh

What do women want? A question that smartest guy on the planet cannot answer correctly! You know women are not really as complicated as the world has made them look like. Okay, not entirely true but like they say, it’s the smallest things that matter the most. One thing that every woman desires is to go to a salon and not come out looking like a clown. Unfortunately, finding a good salon is not as easy as it seems. This becomes increasingly difficult when one moves to a new city or country.

Riyadh is also one of those cities where it is not so easy to find a good hairstylist, in particular. Fortunately, there are a few places here that do offer great services, not just in the hair department but other services as well. We have compiled a list of the top three salons that are loved by locals and tourists alike for their great services and standards. They are as follows:

Al- Manahil Center is a luxurious salon and spa that also has its own fitness center and restaurant. It is safe to say that it is certainly fit for royalty! With its spacious area for spa, restaurant and fitness center, it is one of Riyadh’s finest salons. The spa section of this salon has trained therapists providing excellent services to relax your mind and body. The fitness center has proper trainers who are ever ready to provide assistance and informed guidance to the members for keeping themselves fit and toned as well as for people seeking to shed those extra pounds. Another attraction of this salon is the restaurant that serves healthy and delicious food for the ladies to enjoy during their visit. The executive chefs select the finest array of salads, main courses and light and healthy servings for you to enjoy. They also cater to private parties and can accommodate large gatherings. Altogether, it is a perfect package.

Yibreen’s is a word which means a lush desert oasis. It is located in the heart of Saudi Arabia and offers fitness, spa and salon services. Yibreen’s offers specialized body and face treatments which include Face lifting, electro cosmetic facial, eye, and neck firming treatment to name a few. They also provide relaxing body massages along with pedicures and manicures that help relax swollen feet. Their salon services include coloring, highlights, hair treatments and makeup facilities as well. Personal training is also available at their fitness center.

Mariyah center is located on Olaya Street, just in front of the Ibis hotel. This salon offers hair, makeup, spa and skin care services. It has an airy interior and a plus point here is that all their staff speaks English, hence very convenient for foreigners who do not know the language. The staff consists of employees from the Philippines. In addition to the above-mentioned services, they also provide waxing, artificial nails, tanning and head and foot care services. Recommended: Review of Mariyah Beauty Salon in Riyadh

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