3 Arabian Dishes You Can Cook on Your Grill

Arabian cuisine is full of delicious and mouthwatering dishes. Arab is a Muslim country so you’ll mostly find chicken, lamb, and cow’s meat here. However, the best part is, you can cook all dishes pretty easily as long as you have the right ingredients. They are easy as well as unique.

All the ingredients they include are easily available except the spices that are specific to the region. But you can also get those food items from any Muslim store around you, or you can order spices online. We will tell you the way to cook those dishes so they will taste like dishes of Karen Martini. Here are the 3 most famous Arabian dishes that you can cook on the grill easily:

  1.       Chicken kebab

Chicken kebabs are one of the most liked dishes of Arabs. Ingredients you will need are boneless chicken, black pepper, salt, parsley, onion, garlic, tomato, cumin, corn oil/ olive oil, and saffron. Saffron is a bit expensive herb so you can skip this one. Make a powder of black pepper, salt, herbs, dried cumin, and dried parsley. Set them aside. Mince the chicken and mix yogurt, two spoon oil. Mix them thoroughly and then marinate the mixture for almost 2-4 hours. After the marination process, just make little balls of the kebabs. Skew them and cook them on the grills.

  1.       Lamb chops:

Lamb chops are another very delightful cuisine of Arabs. You’ll need lamb meat, herbs, spices, sauces like chili paste, onion, and salt. Cut the meat into small cubic pieces. Add all the ingredients to a bowl and mix them with the meat. Marinate them for at least 3-4 hours. After marination, you can simply put them on the skewer and grill them by brushing a little bit of oil while cooking.

  1.       Koftas:

Koftas are made of lamb’s meat and are a very mouthwatering dish if eaten alone or with tortillas. You’ll need minced meat, onion, oil, parsley, pepper, and some salt. These herbs increase the flavor of the dish. Mix the ingredients and marinate them for 3-4 hours. Make little balls and put them on the skewers. Grill them thoroughly. Serve them with yogurt and green salad.

Secret tips:

Here are some pro tips for perfectly cooking the dishes.

  1.       Don’t put too much oil while mixing the ingredients.
  2.       Don’t underestimate the flavor of the spices like cumin and parsley.
  3.       Avoid putting too much salt.
  4.       Serve the dishes with raita and salad.
  5.       Add some salt, cumin, and green parsley (crushed) to the yogurt to make raita.
  6.       Salad includes carrots, green/ leafy vegetables.
  7.       Don’t forget to sprinkle some lemon juice on the cooked meat.
  8.       Prepare everything beforehand so you can efficiently grill the meat.

All these Arabian dishes are popular in the country, but you can also cook them at home. After all, outdoor grilling with friends and family is a great idea. But whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or not, the right grilling equipment is crucial to get consistent results. A perfect grill greatly enhances your cooking. You may like to visit https://outdoorcookingpros.com/ if you want to find a great model, as they have organized all equipment essential for grilling in one place.

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