2799 expat engineers with fake degrees face prosecution

2,799 expat engineers have been found keeping fake degrees. These expats have been facing prosecution and now they have been referred to the concerned authorities to take punitive measures.

How has it been done?

It has been the effort of years of the Saudi Council of Engineers to trace and catch these violators and unqualified workers who have messed the engineering and technical professions. At last, these efforts have paved the way.

Why was it important?

This has been done in accordance to the plans that have been initiated to eliminate ill activates from the qualification requirement in the technical and professional work as they require high-level credibility and quality.

The unqualified workers and technicians pose a great threat to the safety and the reliability of the projects and thereby it was the need of the hour to expose them.

What steps is the council taking now?

The council is closely monitoring those who tend to forge certificates to obtain prestigious jobs in the building and construction sector.

To make the system clear and corruption-free, the names of those who had submitted fake certificates have been sent to the concerned authorities so that they shall be punished for their crime.

This shall also allow them not to undertake professional work in the technical and engineering profession.

Exam for Engineers

The recent directive of Acting Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs Majed Al-Hoqail to the council has enabled them to conduct professional examinations of the foreign engineers. The exams shall be improved for the engineers and technical professionals.

Source: Saudi Gazette

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