25% Saudization in IT sector in Saudi Arabia

Eng. Ahmed bin Sulaiman Al-Rajhi, the Minister of Labor has issued a ministerial decision requiring 25% Saudization in 36 communication and IT professions i.e. the IT sector in Saudi Arabia.

  • Saudization Percentage: 25%.
  • Effective Date: 27 June 2021.

Saudization in IT professions in Saudi ArabiaWhich Establishments?

The Saudization in this regard will apply to all establishments where 5 or more workers related to the following professions.

What are the IT professions included in Saudization?

The requirement of 25% Saudization in IT jobs will be applied to the following 3 categories of professions. Saudization percentage is applied for each job group separately.

Communication and Information Technology

  1. Computer engineer.
  2. Communications engineer.
  3. Network Engineer.
  4. Satellite network engineer.
  5. Radio and television engineer.
  6. Transmission broadcast engineer.
  7. Aircraft radio and radar engineer.

Application development, Programming, and Analysis

  1. Software development specialist.
  2. Software engineering specialist.
  3. Business Analysis Specialist.
  4. Program and systems documentation specialist.
  5. Computer programmer.
  6. Data bank systems programmer.
  7. General system Analyst.

Technical support

  1. Technical support office specialist.
  2. Technical support specialist.
  3. Systems operation specialist.
  4. Technical services specialist.
  5. Computer technician.
  6. Technical support office technician.
  7. Support technician.
  8. Computer operator.
  9. Electronic computer operator.
  10. Electronic Maintenance Calculator.
  11. Internet administrator.
  12. Electronic Communications Technician.
  13. Computer network technician.
  14. Network administrator.
  15. A wired communication technician.
  16. Communications Engineering Technician.
  17. Telephone technician.
  18. Car phone technician.
  19. Electronic ٌRadio technician.
  20. Electronic phone maintenance.
  21. Electronic maintenance of public communication devices.
  22. Wired communication operator (radio).

Minimum Salary for Saudis

The minimum salary for Saudis in the IT field has been set as follows;

  • Communication and IT Engineers: SR 7,000 per month.
  • Application development, Programming, and Analysis: SR 7,000.
  • Technical Support: SR 5,000 per month.

Last month, the ministry took steps to impose 20% Saudization in the Engineering sector.

Source: Ministry of Labor

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