24 Pakistanis arrested for defrauding SR 35 million

24 Pakistani expats residing in Saudi Arabia were arrested for their involvement in fraudulent activities. The announcement of their arrest was made by the spokesperson of Riyadh Police Major Khaled Al Kredis.

According to Major Khaled Al Kredis, all the arrested people belonged to Pakistan. They aged between 30 and 40. The arrested were involved in defrauding innocent people of SR 35 million in fake prize distribution and bank accounts scams.

They targeted their victims by sending them text messages that included fake notices about financial prize-winning and their bank accounts updating. By sending scam messages they easily defrauded 35 million Saudi riyals from the citizens.

The Riyadh police tracked and arrested all the 24 Pakistanis and seized SR 67,500 and 73 cell phones that were used in the commitment of the crime by the criminals. Now all the arrested are in police custody pending the trial by Public prosecution.

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