Buying a Used Car? Look Out for these Shady Practices

Each one of us, at some point in our life, have fallen prey to a good advertisement and suffered because of it later. Every industry and market place has a mix of sellers. Most of them are genuine and give you the product that you actually need and have paid for, while on the other hand some trick you into buying low-quality goods with the help of good packaging.

The used car market is no different and has its own share of the mixed bag of sellers. Keeping this mind, whether you are buying new cars in Dubai or a used one, it is important to know certain tips and tricks which will prevent you from getting cheated.

There are various Nissan pre-owned cars in UAE as well as a number of independent dealers who will give you the right kind of car but doing your homework will make you a more confident buyer and help you in the larger scheme of things. Watching out for the below mentioned red flags will prove to be handy.

  1. Have a close look at the price sticker

Used cars will have multiple window stickers on them stating the break-up of different kinds of fees and charges which adds up to the final selling price of the car. A lot of times, these are hidden fees that go into the pocket of the dealer and can easily be avoided.

They just have given the add-ons different names to make it look like they are charging you for different things related to the car, but it is all unnecessary. Make sure to ask the dealer to explain all the different add-ons and if they refuse or give ambiguous answers, chances are they are trying to cheat you into paying for.

  1. Defects on Body of the Car

Obvious defects like a bald tire, a dent, a scratch or a rusty exhaust system are signs that the car has not been taken care of. More than that, the small defects are usually a cover for larger internal defects that do not meet the eye. Such glaring problems mean that the car has not been serviced properly for a considerate period of time and is at risk of posing potential safety hazards.

Ask the seller to let you take the car for a test drive so that you get the real feel of what it is like. If they refuse or are hesitant, chances are they are trying to hide some obvious problems from you about the car.

  1. Being Forced to Buy an Extended Warranty

Apart from hidden red flags in the car, the dealer also shows red flags if they do certain things. One such is when they force the customer to buy an extended warranty. Chances are if it is being forced, it means that it comes with a set of flaws. Ask questions about what exactly is covered under the warranty and where all it is applicable. You do not want to be stranded in another city when the car breaks down and paying out of your pocket for the repairs only to find out that it is not going to get covered under the said warranty.

  1. Lack of Paperwork

One of the most important things to check before sealing the deal is to ensure that the paperwork of the car is in place. This means the Registration Certificate (RC), insurance papers, maintenance papers, and any other legal related papers.

If these papers are not present, chances are that the car has either been stolen or has been a victim to a number of pending legal issues. If the dealer or seller is unable to produce these papers, it is best to walk far far away.

Apart from doing your own bit of research on the car, it is also important that you do some research about the dealer or the seller that you are buying the used car from. Buying it from a trusted used car selling company like Carswitch will ensure that you are not a victim of shady practices prevailing in the market and actually get a good deal for your hard earned money.

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