Saudi authorities arrested a couple for kissing in public – Viral Video

Saudi Arabia ensures the enforcement of strict law

As we all know that Saudi Arabia follows and implement strict sharia law inside the Kingdom, and on every residing person. It is taken as a sin for an unmarried couple to meet anywhere publicly or privately and this leads to strict consequences.

These type of illicit relations in public are banned in the Kingdom. If we look deeply into this matter and strict law regarding this situation we will come to know that this very year a Saudi couple, a Saudi man, and his Saudi girlfriend were also arrested after being found alone together in a car.

Extramarital relationship

The two were charged for having an illicit relationship and for drinking illegally in the Kingdom. Now, this very Sunday again Saudi authorities came into action when they received an order to arrest a couple for behaving unlawfully openly in the Kingdom.

The Saudi authorities arrested a man for kissing a woman and filming it. The man shot his own video on one of Jazan’s highway and uploaded it to hos Snapchat account with a caption “Teaching her how to drive” which later somehow became viral.

Viral Video

In that video, the man is teaching the woman how to drive besides this they are seen flirting and kissing each other in the front seat of the car.

4610 Saudi authorities arrested a couple for kissing in public – Viral Video 02

Couple Arrested: The arrest orders were issued by Prince Mohammad bin Abdel Aziz, the Governor of the Kingdom’s Jazan Governorate.  He ordered the authorities to immediately arrest the couple for appearing in explicit footage and violating the laws of the Kingdom.

This small footage later went viral and sparked a huge controversy on Saudi social media. No doubt to say that this video left the people of the Kingdom through shock and infuriation.

Public reaction

Some wished they could be caught soon and thrown in jail so that they could learn some manners and respect.

While some said there is nothing wrong with the video. We are not aware of the relationship between them, so why are the people trying to blame them for keeping an illicit relation?

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