Do you know why flight attendants avoid drinking water on airplanes?

A flight attendant avoids drinking the tap water provided by the airlines. A flight attendant assures that he doesn’t take hot water, coffee and even tea on the plane because it is made by the airline’s provided water.

The basic reason is that they know that how disgusting the tap water actually is. Also, a study conducted by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) revealed that out of 8 planes 1 does fail the clean water test conduce by agencies. This means that 1 out of every 8 plane does not provide safe water for drinking.

But this is not something new either. Airlines have been providing unsafe water for years! They actually hold a bad record for clean water provision. A study found out that the airline’s tap water is highly contaminated.

It contains salmonella which is a highly dangerous bacterium which can cause typhoid fever, paratyphoid fever, and food poisoning. Also, airline’s tap water is a home to insect’s eggs!

If you are planning to board a flight, it is better to take a couple of filled water bottles in your handcarry so that you can drink the clean water.

EPA also revealed that you cannot rely on tap water which is even tested as 15% of tested water systems of airlines were contaminated. They contained bacteria which are considered extremely dangerous for human health.

You definitely have to avoid the airline’s tap water when you are onboard for a long flight. Studies have shown that the long-haul flight’s water contains more bacteria than the short-haul flights. We are not talking about the past, it’s about today!

Airlines today are not providing safe water even though FDA has provided them with 6 warning letters in 2 decades. Officials of Canada and Hong Kong have also reported that the airline’s water is contiguous of germs. They reported that dozens of aircraft were equipped with water not suitable for drinking.

The airline's water gets contaminated as it is not directly poured into the airline’s water tank, the water goes through several stages before getting into the plane and thereby gets infected with bacteria and germs.

Although Aircraft water drinking rule has been enacted by EPA in 2011 so that airlines provide quality water, The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA believes that the regulations by EPA are neither sufficient nor imposed properly.

Commenting on the very issue, Airlines of America and Southwest airline have disapproved that the water provided is contaminated. They say that consumers are their first priority and they work with EPA to provide standard and quality water. The water onboard is tested according to EPA requirements.

Although the airlines have rejected these surveys and claim that the water is provided up to standards. Yet this is a great concern for all of us. We tend to travel and we need water to drink. Sometimes airline falls short of water bottles and one is forced to drink tap water!

Avoiding water on airlines is not the solution. We have to come up with practical measures; authorities have to assure that water provided by airlines is safe for health.

Source: Business Insider

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