Convert Family Visit Visa into Iqama for Kids (Parents have Iqama)

Nowadays, we have witnessed many successful cases of converting family visit visa into Iqama which was second to impossible earlier. If your family visit visa is converted into permanent family visa, you don’t need to go back to your home country to process the visa. Hence, you save a lot of costs, time and energy.

I personally thank Mr. Thomas Joseph for sharing with us the detailed Procedure to Convert Family Visit Visa into Permanent Family Visa. It is important to mention here that there are many successful cases of converting children visas into Iqama but we have not seen any successful case of converting spouse family visit visa into Iqama.[irp]

Required documents to convert Family Visit Visa into Iqama (Iqama)

Birth Certificate of child and its Arabic translation
Immunization certificate (Vaccination Card) and translation

NOC from applicant's employer stating that they have no objection to transfer them to father and convert to iqama. The format of the letter has been attached above. (this letter must be stamped by Chamber of Commerce). Recommended: 6 Important Points about Attestation from the Chamber of Commerce

1-Passport copies of children (First page, last page, visa page+ border no. page)

2-Passport copies + iqama copies of both parents.

3-Health Insurance of the visit visa holder (You need to get the insurance from the same company which has provided health coverage to you. They can get the visit visa holder insured using Border Number)

4-Attested marriage certificate and Arabic translation

5-Duly filled visa application form with company stamp.

6-SAR 2000 (keep ready to deposit) Do not deposit until they ask you to deposit. (Important: Deposit under your iqama. Not under child's border no.)

Procedure to Convert Family Visit Visa into Permanent Family Visa (Iqama)

Once all the above documents are ready. Go to the passport office, I went to Riyadh (KF Road, just behind ANB head office, Opposite to LULU, Muraba). Be sure to locate the correct window. Nobody knows the correct window.

Climb staircase (Office is at 1st floor) go to left side, locate the cafeteria-cafeteria will be on your right side. Go straight. you will find 3 windows there. Submit all your documents to the policeman sitting at first window. He will verify your documents.

If everything ok, then he will take all your documents inside to their officer and come back in a while. They will affix a stamp on your child's passport and write something. (I believe they are canceling the visit visa). Then they will give you a new form and ask you to remit SAR2000/-

Go outside the building and get this form filled with an agent sitting outside. He will charge you SAR5. Then deposit SAR 2000 (Remember to deposit under your iqama no.-very important). This amount should appear in your abshir account.

Then go to the same office again and show your documents to window no.2. He will check for the deposited money and it will disappear immediately. That’s it!

You can go home with peace of mind. Wait for few days, keep checking your abshir account. The 10th day their name started to appear under ‘dependents'. Next day I went Jawazzat with passport size photo and received iqama printed in 2 minutes.

Note: In my case, both parents are working with different sponsors. We brought our children under my wife's sponsorship since my iqama profession was not strong to get visit visa.

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